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100 Hour Meditation & Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Date: May 23 - June 1, 2024

August 16 - 24, 2024
Location: Bali 


Meditation is a natural state our mind. A child plays in meditation. A well prepared student writes examination with a meditative mind. A scientist explores the riddles of the universe in meditation. A player plays, a singer sings and a dancer dances in meditation. Even though everyone mediates unknowingly, when one wants to do meditation as a spiritual practice, one witnesses the monkey mind and feels meditation is next to impossible. This course will lead you deeper into this path of self exploring those “missing links”. You will learn about the time tested classical methods of meditation.​

Our 100 hour Yoga Nidra & Meditation course is Yoga Alliance continued education program. This course is meant for students who wish to go deeper into learning about Yoga Nidra and meditation so that you may use both these self practices for your own self & teaching others. This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA.

​Giảm trực tiếp $100 khi đăng ký 200-hr hoặc 2 khoá 100-hr

trimurti yoga
yoga teacher training 300hour
yoga teacher training 200hour

This course is for you,

  • If you wish to go deeper into understanding of yoga nidra and meditation practices.

  • If you wish to continue on your learning journey as a yoga teacher.

  • If you wish to learn about how both yoga nidra and meditation can be used a tools for a happier life for self and others.

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Daily Schedule

06:30 - 07:00: Sadhana

07:00 - 09:00: Morning yoga 

09:00 - 10:00:  Have breakfast

10:00 - 13:00:  Philosophy of Yoga and Meditation

13:00 - 14:30:  Lunch 

14:30 - 16:00:  Theory  

16:15 - 17:45:  Sequencing & Practicum 

18:00 - 19:00:  Meditation

Course Outline


  • Definition of meditation.

  • Role of asanas and pranayama for the physical preparation for meditation.

  • Definition of Pratyahara. External and internal practices of pratyahara as preparation for meditation.

  • Definition of Dharana. External and internal practices for dharana for meditation.

  • Understanding and practice of different types of meditation namely breadth based, mantra chanting, using chakras, sound based and silence as mediation.

  • In depth understanding of Pranayama. Alternate nostril breathing for regulating thoughts. Bhramari to calm the mind. Sheetali and sheetkari to cool the body. Kapala bhati to warm the body.

Yoga Nidra


Yoga means awareness. Nidra means sleeping. Sleeping with awareness is yoga nidra. It is a profound systematic and scientific practice. It acts on our subconscious mind, uproots unwanted behaviour patterns, seeds new tendencies, moulds our complete personality. This section will go in depth into the dynamics of yoga nidra and help you use it as a tool for healing.

  • Meaning scope and application of yoga nidra.

  • Learn about teachers preparation, students preparation and classroom arrangement.

  • Understanding of the yoga nidra practice structure.

  • Detailed explanation of the each of the step namely pratyahara, dharana and dhyana in yoga nidra.

  • Planning of a yoga nidra session.

  • Learning about selection of the concepts of yoga nidra session.

  • Your life style as a yoga nidra teacher.


Amed, 70km from Denpasar airport, is known as one of the most beautiful coastlines in Bali, which is why it is one of the most famous scuba diving locations in Southeast Asia. Amed is famous for its quietness so visitors can relax without being bothered by the hustle and bustle of other cities. 

Kelapa Cottage is nestled in a quiet area surrounded by bamboo forests. Only a 10-minute walk from the beach and downtown area with full restaurants and services. The resort has 4 communal houses, 2 single rooms and 2 dormitories located around a beautiful swimming pool in a tropical garden. Yoga Shala is surrounded by bamboo forests, making the classroom a very quiet and peaceful place. This is a perfect location for your Yoga teacher training in Bali.

​Schedule & Investment

Upcoming Course:

  • May 23 - June 1, 2024 

  • August 16 - 24, 2024

Location: Bali, Indonesia​ | Maximum 15 students

Dorm - Triple shared
Double shared
Single stay

Included: Room, 3 vegetarian meals a day, Materials for the course

Pick up from Denpasar airport to Kelapa Cottage

​Not included: personal expenses, air tickets and travel insurance

Flexible fee payment method: 30% upon registration - 30% before the first day and the remaining 40% on site


Đăng ký

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