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Our Studio

Founded on March 2019, Yoga Lab Hanoi has opened 3 studios in 3 different districts of Ha Noi. Each studio has its own characteristics and charms and unlike the other. 

​At the moment, we are open at 2 locations in Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh with various class types and time slots to cater to your needs. 


Our Facilities


High quality mats and gears

The studios are fully equipped with high quality mats from Manduka and Be'ink. Made from high quality PVC, no latex and well made to support you in your practice.  


Water and towels

Drinking water and towel are provided at the studio. 


Changing rooms & Lockers

Both studios have: 

- Changing area

- Toilets 

- Storage area for students 



Our studios are located on main streets, easy to find and travel to. You can easily park your bike at the basement (Yen Ninh studio) or at the entrance (Vong Duc studio). Parking lot for cars are available on the main street. 


Vong Duc Studio

Lane no. 5 Vong Duc, Hang Bai,

​Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi


Yen Ninh Studio 

Level 5, No.19-21 Yen Ninh Alley

​Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

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